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Judy Mills and Richard Damania: Mills, coordinator of the International Tiger Coalition, and Damania, lead environmental economist for the World Bank, answer the big questions about the future of tigers.

Why are tigers hunted?
Who hunts tigers?
Why are tigers critically endangered?
What will it take to save tigers?
Who must be involved?

Richard Damania works as lead environmental economist in the World Bank, where among a host of other things, he coordinates the climate change work agenda in the South Asia Region. Prior to this Damania was professor in the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide in Australia. His publications and research interests have spanned many areas of economics including development economics, game theory, environmental economics and macroeconomics. In the past he has advised numerous international agencies such as the OECD, FAO, UNESCO, and governments. Damania has a long standing interest and concern in the environment and conservation of endangered species are. He has published numerous papers on the economics of endangered species conservation – an issue where solutions remain highly elusive and ever more challenging.

Judy Mills was the founding director of TRAFFIC East Asia in Hong Kong, where she became known for her work in enlisting the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) community in wildlife conservation. In 2000, she joined WWF in Washington, D.C., to guide creation of the WWF network‘s global tiger-conservation strategy. She later became Asia Grant Director for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), supporting a broad array of on-the-ground conservation projects in China, Indonesia and the Philippines. From 2005-2008, she created and ran the Campaign Against Tiger Trafficking (CATT), which resulted in the formation of the International Tiger Coalition (ITC), an alliance of 42 organizations from the environment, zoo, TCM, animal welfare, legal and responsible-tourism communities, speaking with one voice to stop tiger trade from all sources. While continuing to coordinate ITC activities, Mills has been contracted to help the MacArthur Foundation explore its possible new role in global health security.