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Listen to the experts who attended the Executive Leadership Forum: Sharpening National Action Plans for Biodiversity and Tiger Conservation. The forum held in April 2010, tackled the tough questions about the future of tigers. Tiger experts Judy Mills and Richard Damania, Hemanta Mishra, Melissa Moye, Harry Santoso, Mahendra Shretsha, and Joe Walston give their opinions on what needs to be done, before it is too late.

  • Judy Mills and Richard Damania: Mills, coordinator of the International Tiger Coalition, and Damania, lead environmental economist for the World Bank, answer the big questions about the future of tigers.
  • Hemanta Mishra discusses how he became involved in tiger conservation, the importance of the Tiger Conservation Development Network, and his new book Bones of the Tiger.
  • Melissa Moye discusses some of the avenues tiger-range countries can explore, with the help of nongovernmental organizations, to secure funding folude smart green infrastructure, ecotourism, carbon trader conservation efforts for the tiger in the future. Some of the possible options inc, microfinance and conservation trust funds.
  • Harry Santoso talks about the goals of the Executive Leadership Forum, the importance for local support of conservation, government support for conservation.
  • Mahendra Shrestha talks about the consequences of not doing more to save tigers, examples of successful conservation strategies, challenges to conservation strategies and doubling the wild tiger population by 2022.
  • Joe Walston explains the difficulties of putting a price tag on conservation efforts and converting the view of the tiger from a commodity to a majestic animal worth saving.