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Global Tiger Recovery Program

GTRPThe 2010 Tiger Summit set out to do what has never been done before: create a comprehensive strategy to save tigers. The Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP), adopted at the Summit, established a plan to address all of the threats to tigers. The foundation for the GTRP is the National Tiger Recovery Priorities (NTRP), outlining the roles and responsibilities of tiger-range countries. The GTRP estimates that $350 million will need to be raised to halt the decline of tigers and reverse it by 2022.


NTRPThe Tiger Summit outlined the priorities for all 13 tiger-range countries in their fights to save tigers. The National Tiger Recovery Priorities and Global Support Programs, adopted at the Summit, lists the most pressing and important challenges facing each tiger-range country, and the goals they are working to achieve by 2022.


St. Petersberg DecThe St. Petersburg Declaration adopted at the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010 is an international agreement between tiger-range countries to implement their individual measures to mitigate the threats to tigers within their borders while cooperating with the international community (both tiger-range countries and non tiger-range countries) to gain global support for the preservation of the species.