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Training the Future

SCBI's Tiger Conservation Partnership in collaboration with GTI, tiger-ranger countries, and NGO partners has developed specialized courses for wildlife officials and frontline practitioners charged with tracking and protecting tigers. The courses, taught by SCBI scientists, include training on the latest technology for monitoring protected areas where tigers live and other best management practices.

Past Courses

  • Regional Smart Patrol Training for Tiger Conservation —Thailand January 6-22, 2012. Bangkok, Thailand and Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand.
  • Regional Smart Patrol Training for Tiger Conservation — Nepal. Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Jan. 29 - Feb. 13, 2012.
  • Cross Sectoral-Executive Workshop. February 2012. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Training of Trainers: Smart Patrolling for Tiger Conservation 2010. January 4 - 27, 2011. SCBI scientists spent a month working with wildlife officials in Thailand with the hopes of being better able to protect tigers. Jennifer Sevin, SCBI manager of capacity-building and academic programs, provided updates on the training over the course of the month. The ToT course was taught using the Training of Trainers: Smart Patrolling for Conservation manual created by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Find out how the course went in the course report and GTI March 2011 newsletter.
  • Training of Trainers: Conservation Practitioners Course Part 2 June 1-15 2010. GTI partners and wildlife officials met as SCBI's headquarters in Front Royal, Virginia to learn more about conservation challenges.
  • Executive Leadership Forum April 16-21, 2010. Representatives from tiger-range countries meet in Washington, D.C. to discuss actions they must take to save tigers across Asia. Read about the Executive Leadership Forum goals and the Executive Leadership Forum Activities in the GTI newsletters.
  • Training of Trainers: Conservation Practitioners Course Part 1 February 20-March 26, 2010. This inaugural course in India immerses wildlife officials charged with protecting tigers in conservation biology lectures and hands-on activities in Rajaji National Park, a visit to Kahna National Park, and training using the latest tracking technology. Read the newsletter from February 20, March 1, March 8, and March 15.