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Animal Enrichment Wish List

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Help us enhance the lives of our animals! Purchase an item or two for our animals enrichment program! Read about the Zoo's animal enrichment program.

Every gift helps enrich the lives of our animals. Any gift purchased through this site will benefit animals throughout the Zoo. Zoo staff will determine how best to distribute enrichment items and funds.

Make a donation to help us purchase items for our animal enrichment program.

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Browse a variety of enrichment items our animals treasure!

Gifts under $15

$20 to $50 gifts

$55 to $75 gifts

$100 to $500 gifts

Gifts $750 and up

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Gifts Under $15

giant panda with art supplies

Art supplies! $15

sloth bear with pvc

PVC pipe! $10

vulture training tool

Vulture Training Tool! $10

Saki with Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle Feeder! $10

tortoise training whistle

Tortoise Training Tool! $15

banded mongoose with kong

Kongs! $10

$20 to $50 gifts

Sumatran tiger with heavy-duty bungee

Heavy duty bungees! $30

red panda cub with boomer ball

Boomer balls! $20

panda cub and feed tub

Feed tub! $50

gray seal with jolly ball

Seal Jolly Ball! $25

Dama's gazelle with Amazing Graze

Amazing Graze $40

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$55 to $75 Gifts

andean bear with bobbin feeder

Bobbin feeders $75

Asian elephant with tractor tires

Tractor tires! $75

black-footed ferret in drainage tube
Drainage tubes

sloth bear with tire toy

Tire toys! $63

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$100 to $500 Gifts

Andean bear with pill feeder

Pill feeders $108

Red Panda Climbing Structure
Red Panda Climbing Structure!

tiger playing
Tiger toys!

great apes

Great ape amusement! $500

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Gifts over $750

siamang on climbing structure

Gibbon climbing structure! $13,000

elephant utilitree

Climbing trees! $50,000

Asian elephant with bungee
Elephant enrichment!



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