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Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you're looking for gifts that show you care about wildlife or making decisions about year-end giving, the Smithsonian's National Zoo and the Friends of the National Zoo have a lot to offer.

Give the Gift of FONZ Membership

Share the joy and fun of FONZ membership with your friends and family! The special holiday package includes a stunning 2013 calendar, a personalized gift card, and more.

Kavi the tiger

Adopt a Species

Earlier this year, visitors met Kavi, the National Zoo's newest—and presently its only—male Sumatran tiger. Kavi arrived in early June and settled nicely into his new home at the Great Cats exhibit, where keepers are introducing him to the Zoo's young female tiger, Damai. Hopefully, the two will breed and produce cubs this winter!

Celebrate his arrival this holiday season with an Adopt a Species package that supports these fascinating felines. With a donation of $65 or more, your special someone will receive a gift set that includes a cuddly plush tiger, a colorful photo, an adoption certificate and more delivered inside an "animal carrier" box.

There are plenty of other Adopt a Species packages, including a new $50 package that includes a certificate, replica paw print of your adopted species and letter of appreciation. Proceeds from Adopt a Species support animal care, habitat improvement and enrichment at the Zoo. Adopt now

For Children

Plush Wolf: $20

Two beautiful gray wolves named Crystal and Coby made their debut over the summer at the National Zoo's new American Trail exhibit. In celebration of their arrival, the Zoo invites kids of all ages to bring home an animal friend with this soft plush wolf pup. Its distinctive expressions and realistic features make this 16 inch cuddly armful a great friend for any canine fan.

Learn more

Animal Purse: $22

Animal prints will always be fashionable! Stay in style with colorful owl and butterfly purses. Made of designer fabric, each purse features working zippers, an inside pocket and a sturdy 10 inch strap. Learn more

And shop our online store!

Shop at the National Zoo Store from the comfort of home. Our online store has lots of green gifts, including journals made from recycled panda and elephant "poo poo" paper, a whole panda boutique, lots of plush animals, ties, books, games, lunch bags, and hundreds of other fantastic products.

Mei Xiang painting

Zoo Animal Note Cards from NCAAZK

The National Capital chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers provides resources for the National Zoo's keepers and animals. These adorable note cards feature art and pawprints by our more than 40 Zoo animals.

Shera playing with a ball

For your Favorite Zoo Animal

Gift giving is for the birds . . . and the apes . . . and the bears! What better way to honor your friends and family than to give a gift in their name while enriching the life of a special animal at the Zoo? Enrichment items encourage animals to use problem-solving skills and help give visitors a glimpse into the natural behaviors of their favorite fauna.

Love to shop? Check out the Enrichment Giving Tree wish list and drop off your gifts at the Zoo's Visitor Center for the animal care staff to distribute. Prefer shopping from home? Choosing your favorite item is as easy as the click of a mouse in the Zoo's online store—we'll deliver your gifts straight to our animals. Can't decide? Make a donation to the Zoo's animal enrichment program. See the Zoo's enrichment wish list

Munch Balls, $10

The munch ball's natural wicker construction makes this chewable toy suitable for any bird. The Zoo's parrots like this enrichment, especially when filled with delicious grapes and other treats.

"Kabob" Skewer, $15

Keepers spear delicious fresh fruit or vegetables on to the Kabob Skewer and hang them in various places in each exhibit, encouraging the Zoo's birds to forage as they would in the wild.

Tough Tire, $63

The tough tire is a great enrichment item for many species at the National Zoo. It floats and is strong enough to endure a playful sea lion's jaws. A version with holes can even make a handy puzzle feeder for elephants and bears.

Bungee Ball, $116

Our great apes and big cats have a ball with the Bungee Ball! Why add a bungee cord to a hanging toy? It offers the Zoo's animals a new challenge every time they interact with this enrichment and keeps their day-to-day life interesting and exciting.

Ball-inside-ball, $156

The ball-inside-ball is a favorite toy of the Zoo's bears, primates, and small mammals. Sloth bears are entertained by the challenge of getting the smaller ball out of the larger one, especially when there's food inside.

See the Zoo's enrichment wish list

carosel quetzel panel

Leave a Legacy: Zoo Carousel

This November, National Zoo visitors will delight in the Zoo's latest attraction: the Conservation Carousel! Opening just in time for ZooLights, the carousel features beloved species such as giant pandas, African lions, and cuttlefish. Adorned with colorful scenery, the top of the carousel highlights some of the world's most beautiful and majestic birds in flight. Your $500 donation will sponsor a beautiful hand-painted and hand-carved scenery panel, shield, or mural. Donors or their honorees will receive recognition on a plaque beneath their figure for 10 years. Learn more.