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Amazonia Habitat

Capacity: 100 Banquet, 150 Reception

Indoor Venue for Morning or Evening Events

Venture into our Amazonia exhibit and discover the mysteries of the planet's most diverse ecosystem; the Amazon rainforest. Step into the flooded forest and spot a freshwater stingray whirl throughout the underwater tree trunks, and travel a little further to an enormous floor-to-ceiling fish tank and look into the eyes of a 300 pound Arapaima fish. Continue on to discover the field station of Dr. Brazil, where one can learn about the smaller critters that live in the Amazon. Then, prepare for a stroll through the beautiful open-air tropical rain forest located within Amazonia's dome—a place where Titi monkeys jump from branch to branch, a two-toed sloth hides behind large leaves, and white-bellied hummingbirds zip about. It is truly an astounding experience.

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