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Bears are among the best and least known of animals. Everyone recognizes a giant panda, for instance, while few people can picture a sloth bear.

Native to the Indian sub-continent, sloth bears are fascinating, unusual bears that charm and delight those who visit them. Our new sloth bear exhibit on Asia Trail will introduce these animals to millions more people. The exhibit is the one closest to the Zoo's Connecticut Avenue entrance.

At the Zoo:

Asia Trail is home to three sloth bears—Khali and Hana, adult females, and Francois, an adult male born at the Zoo in 1991. Balawat, a male cub born at the Zoo in 2006, has left for another zoo. The sloth bear yards are the ones closest to the Zoo's Connecticut Avenue entrance.

May 5, 2014

Four month-old sloth bear cub, Remi, ventured outside for the very first time this morning with her surrogate bear moms and dad!

She quickly began exploring her outdoor yard with keepers nearby. They were happy to report that she did very well during her first trip outside, climbing and playing, but after all the excitement of the morning she desperately needed a nap. Keepers will continue to slowly acclimate her to her outdoor yard, but she will not be on exhibit regularly just yet. ‪

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