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Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.
Summer Safari Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association

2009 Parents' Pick Nominee

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Camper Reviews

Nature Camp is open to students entering grades 5-10. Not quite ready for a residential camp? Check out our Summer Safari Day Camp offerings for students from Kindergarten through 7th grade.

Summer Safari Day Camp

Hear It From the Campers . . .

"At FONZ you learn lots of new things but you're having too much fun to realize that you're learning. Each year I really enjoyed camping out on Race Track Hill, playing capture the flag and a version of predator vs. prey. Some of the new things I learned at FONZ are how to build a shelter in the wilderness, what plants are poisonous and which ones aren’t, and different ways to track an animal."
--Anna, four years at Nature Camp

"Campers and counselors alike are friendly and accepting, and by the end of the week (or weeks), everyone has bonded so much, becoming closer than most people who’d gone to my school, despite knowing each other for up to eight years!"
--Asha, three years at Nature Camp

"FONZ Nature Camp is probably my favorite place in the world. It is the most fun camp I have ever been to (and I have been to many) and I encourage anyone who loves nature, animals, hiking, camping, and having fun to sign up. We do tons of fun activities such as canoeing, group games, and going on adventures in the forest at night. My summer would simply not be the same without this camp. You can truly learn a lot while you're there (not boring school stuff, but things like wilderness survival and wild edibles). Again, I think everyone who cares about the environment around us should have this amazing opportunity to learn, experience, and have fun. So remember to stay safe, bring your best friend, and sign up for FONZ Nature Camp this summer!"
--Alexa, five years at Nature Camp

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