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About Conservation Central
Conservation Central is a habitat education program that explores the temperate forest, home of the giant panda and black bear, through the following online activities.
Design a Panda Habitat Design a Panda Habitat
Try your hand at designing a new giant panda habitat for Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. See if you can balance the needs of the pandas, visitors, and staff!
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge
Travel to a fictional forest reserve in central China. Your mission: to help conserve the temperate forest, home of the giant panda.
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challange
  A Walk in the Forest
Use your eyes, ears, and nose to explore a virtual forest teeming with life! Conduct field research using the same scientific tools that Smithsonian scientists use to monitor forest biodiversity.

Finding Common Ground Curriculum
This middle school conservation curriculum aligns with both national science and social studies standards, and includes tips for integrating our Web interactives into your existing curricula.
Finding Common Ground Curriculum
Family Learning Activities Family Learning Activities
Lace up your shoes and try these activities to connect with your children, explore the natural world around you, and learn about simple ways you can conserve habitats!
Conservation Gallery
See creative ways other students and families are taking steps to protect habitats and the plants and animals that depend on them!
Conservation Gallery

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