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NSF Polar Program

U.S. Antarctic Program

The National Zoo's Antarctica Expedition is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs.

All photographs depicting Weddell seals were taken under NMFS Permit No. 763-1485-00 issued under the authority of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.




$62.53 million raised; 78.2% of $80 million goal

The Expedition

Read the Dispatches From The Ice

Season Two (2007-2008)

The Second Season Begins, October 26
The View from My Window, November 25
Home Again, March 10
Class of 2007, March 11
Autumn Conservation Festival, December 11

Season One (2006-07)

Do We have Enough Toilet Paper?, July 28
There's More Than One Way to Catch a Seal, August 7
Christchurch, August 17
C-17s, Boomerangs, and Pegasus, August 28
Settling In, September 8
The Reckie, September 18
The Carp Shop, September 21
Condition Limbo, September 28
Xenophobia, October 5
Call of the Seal, October 20
Snow Craft 101, November 12
The Vicinity, November 21
Thanksgiving!, November 25
Sealing Up Loose Ends, January 17

Meet the Team

Our team includes biologists from a number of countries with diverse scientific skills critical to the project. Some are veterans of previous Antarctic expeditions, others are first-timers to The Ice.

  • Christian Angelici
  • Jeff Bechtel
  • Regina Eisert
  • Wendy Hood
  • Richard Joss
  • Crystal Lenky
  • Warren Lynch
  • Olav Oftedal
  • Roberto Palozzi
  • Miles Roberts
  • >Lisa Ware


Visit the Camp

Find out about McMurdo Station, our project's home base for the next few months.