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Golden lion tamarins (GLTs) are an endangered species native to Brazil's Atlantic coastal forest. In the early 1970s, there were fewer than 200 of these small monkeys. Thanks to the National Zoo, other zoos, conservation organizations, and Brazil's government, there are now about 1,600 living in the wild.

Learn about GLTs

Find out where they live, what they eat, what eats them, and who they live with. more

In the Wild

Learn about the current status of GLTs, research about them and their habitat, and efforts to translocate and reintroduce GLTs. more

GLTs and Zoos

Get in-depth information about the captive-breeding program, including the program's history, the husbandry protocol, and the masterplan. more

Free-Ranging GLTs

The National Zoo has had a free-ranging golden lion tamarin program for more than 20 years. more

Lion Tamarins

Learn about the four species of lion tamarins, and their marmoset and tamarin cousins. more

About the GLT Conservation Program

Read the mission statement and see who is involved in supporting and running the program. more