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Robert Fleischer

Center Head / Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Focus

My primary research interests are in the evolutionary and conservation biology of birds and mammals, including studies of the genetic aspects of interactions of pathogens with their vectors and hosts, phylogeography and systematics, and the application of molecular markers to studies of kinship and behavior.

Most Recent Publications

Hailer, Frank, James, Helen F., Olson, Storrs L. and Fleischer, Robert C. Distinct and extinct: Genetic differentiation of the Hawaiian eagle, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 83 40-43. 2015.

Hofman, Courtney A., Rick, Torben C., Fleischer, Robert C. and Maldonado, Jesús E. Conservation archaeogenomics: ancient DNA and biodiversity in the Anthropocene, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, . 2015.

Hofman, Courtney A., Rick, Torben C., Hawkins, Melissa T. R., Funk, W. C., Ralls, Katherine, Boser, Christina L., Collins, Paul W., Coonan, Tim, King, Julie L., Morrison, Scott A., Newsome, Seth D., Sillett, T. Scott, Fleischer, Robert C. and Maldonado, Jesús E. Mitochondrial Genomes Suggest Rapid Evolution of Dwarf California Channel Islands Foxes (Urocyon littoralis), PloS One, 10 (2) 1-15. 2015.

Talley, Brooke L., Muletz, Carly R., Vredenburg, Vance T., Fleischer, Robert C. and Lips, Karen R. A century of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Illinois amphibians (1888–1989), Biological Conservation, 182 254-261. 2015.

Callicrate, Taylor, Dikow, Rebecca, Thomas, James W., Mullikin, James C., Jarvis, Erich D. and Fleischer, Robert C. Genomic resources for the endangered Hawaiian honeycreepers, BMC Genomics, 15 (1) . 2014.

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