Bird Friendly Coffee

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Shaded Coffee Plantations

Play a key role in the conservation of migratory birds, which find a sanctuary in their forest-like environment.

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Bird Friendly Coffee

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) has developed the only 100%-organic shade-grown coffee certification.

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Coffee Lovers

Do you want to find some coffee that comes from a farm that is good for birds and the environment?

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Importers, Roasters and Distributors

Every day more and more coffee plantations are being certified with the SMBC "Bird Friendly®" seal of approval because it is the only 100%-organic shade-grown coffee certification available.

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Reap the benefits of being certified as "Bird Friendly®". The growing popularity of shade-grown coffee has encouraged coffee farmers to revert to traditional methods of growing coffee in shade.

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