Wire-tailed Manakin Study

Posted by Brandt Ryder on February 11, 2014

sparrow-sized yellow bird with black wings and white eye
Wire-tailed Manakin by Brandt Ryder

Studies have begun in the Yasuni National Park, thought to be the most biodiverse habitat on the planet, on the wire-tailed manakin. The park is located in a remote area of Ecuador in the Amazonian rainforest.

The wire-tailed manakin is a cooperate, lek-breeding bird. This study will integrate behavioral ecology, neuroendocrinology, and molecular genetics and combine descriptive studies (natural variation in hormones, behavior, and neuroendocrine gene expression), experimentation (phenotypic engineering, hormone challenges, and social intrusions), and novel social networking approaches (proximity data-logging).

Map of study site. Selecting the red icon displays a picture of the study area in the Amazonian forest.

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