Hostetler Paper Runner Up for Elton Prize

Posted by Jeff Hostetler on February 19, 2014

26c Florida Panther single,  Date: 2000s

A paper by Dr. Jeffrey Hostetler, Migratory Bird Center Post-doctoral Fellow, received "runner up" status for the prestigious Journal of Animal Ecology Elton Prize.

The paper entitled "A cat's tale: the impact of genetic restoration on Florida panther population persistence", was published in the Journal of Animal Ecology in 2013 (Vol. 82:608-620).

By the 1990s, fewer than 30 panthers remained in the wild, and the population suffered from severe inbreeding.

The paper unambiguously demonstrated that reintroduction of 8 Texas pumas in 1995 was responsible for dramatic genetic recovery of the wild population.

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