Bird Friendly Coffee in Europe

Posted by Robert Rice on March 10, 2009

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Bird Friendly® coffee is now available in the European market. A sixth-generation Dutch coffee roasterie, Simon-Lévelt Coffee and Tea, now offers Bird Friendly® coffee through its stores in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The history of Simon-Lévelt depicts a company blessed with vision and ahead of its time in terms of corporate responsibility. As an early supporter of the fair trade movement, Simon-Lévelt helped to co-found the Max Havelaar Foundation (a Fair Trade organization).

And aside from fair prices for coffee producers, the company's leadership has long been a proponent of environmental responsibility, as witnessed from its early support of organic coffee and involvement with the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM).

Such values are now reinforced and enhanced by Simon-Lévelt's decision to carry Bird Friendly® coffee, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's certification seal that assures the shade cover in the production area provides quality habitat for birds (and other animals). The Bird Friendly® seal brings the added dimension of biodiversity protection to the coffees it offers.

Initial offerings of the Bird Friendly® coffee are now appearing in the specialty coffee shops throughout The Netherlands (32 in number) and Belgium (7 in number), as well as 350 health food stores across The Netherlands. Expansion into other countries like France and some Scandinavian markets figures into the company's longer range plans.

We heartily welcome Simon-Lévelt to the Bird Friendly® coffee program, wishing them great success in helping to connect conservation to the market place.

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