Jim's Organic Coffee Joins Bird Friendly Program

Posted by Robert Rice on September 12, 2011

Wareham, Massachusetts-based Jim’s Organic Coffee now offers Bird Friendly coffee! For the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, having Jim’s Organic Coffee as part of the program is a tremendous step forward, potentially placing a number of BF coffees around the country via Jim’s well-established network of retailers.

Jim Cannell, the owner, operator and founder of Jim’s Organic Coffee, started the company in 1992, after working in coffee for several years in the Manhattan’s Wall Street district. The company’s motto, “Drink Up. Feel Good,” is bolstered by a philosophy that insists upon 100 percent dedication to certified organic coffees, as well as an overall devotion to sustainable practices.

With a roasting plant that runs completely on renewable energy—including wind-generated electricity, valve bags that contain renewable PLA (a corn based material), and paper “to go” cups that are completely compostable, Jim’s continually finds ways to, as they put it, “push the green envelope.” The addition of Bird Friendly certification for the shaded conditions—and habitat dimension—of certified organic coffees constitutes one of the latest ways Jim’s Organic Coffee is pushing this green envelope.

With this commitment to certified organic Bird Friendly coffee, as well as its other sustainable practices, we feel a kindred link to Jim’s Organic Coffee philosophy and staff. With the Bird Friendly certification look forward to working with them to bring a range of delicious, certified shade grown/organic coffees to consumers across the country.

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