Bird Friendly® Coffee in a Carto-Can

Posted by Robert Rice on April 17, 2009

In a novel marketing move, the Kyoto, Japan based coffee roaster, Ogawa Coffee, has created a Bird Friendly® (BF) coffee in a can. As the pioneering roaster in Japan first to adopt the BF coffee concept, Ogawa distinguishes itself once more with this popular way to provide quality coffee to consumers throughout Japan.

Aside from continuing to promote BF within the Japanese market, Ogawa Coffee also continues to do the right thing ecologically. The “can” is actually a Carto-can design, the material of which is made of paper that uses more than 30% wood residues captured from domestic wood production processes.

As such, the can is an excellent candidate for recycling after use. And part of the sales go to the Green Fund of Japan's National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization.

On the inside, the coffee is an Au Lait, crafted by Ogawa's roast masters from 100% certified organic BF and JAS Arabica beans. It delivers a coffee sweetness with a clear and clean aftertaste.

We raise our glass (or can) in a toast to Ogawa Coffee for this innovative work to promote BF coffee.

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