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Copper Aitken-Palmer

SCBI Chief Veterinarian / Department of Conservation Medicine

Most Recent Publications

Hinton, Jenna D., Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Joyner, Priscilla H., Ware, Lisa and Walsh, Timothy F. Fatal gastric dilation in two adult black-footed ferrets (mustela nigripes), Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 47 (1) 367-369. 2016.

Rayhel, Laura, Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Joyner, Priscilla, Cray, Carolyn, Lizárraga, César Andrés, Ackerman, Betty and Crowe, Chris. Hematology and biochemistry in captive white-naped cranes (grus vipio), Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 46 (4) 747-754. 2015.

Kersey, David C., Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Rivera, Sam, Willis, Erin L., Liu, Yu Liang and Snyder, Rebecca J. The birth of a giant panda: tracking the biological factors that successfully contribute to conception through to post-natal development, Theriogenology, 85 (4) 671-677. 2015.

Warren, Joshua D., Aitken-Palmer, Copper and Citino, Scott B. Critical care for a hypothermic and hypoglycemic white rhinoceros (ceratotherium simum simum) calf, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 45 (3) 650-653. 2014.

Nájera, Fernando, Brown, Janine L., Kaufman, Krystle, Schwartz, Rick, Goodrowe, Karen, Asaithanmakul, Wisit, Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Kongprom, Urarikha, Wildt, David E. and Bush, Mitchell. Swimmer Syndrome in a Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa) Cub, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 45 (2) 386-388. 2014.

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