Jonathan Ballou

Research Scientist / Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Focus

As a Conservation Geneticist, his research career has focused on the genetic and demographic problems confronted by small populations, particularly small populations of endangered and threatened species.

Most Recent Publications

Rapaport, Lisa G., Kloc, Briana, Warneke, Mark, Mickelberg, Jennifer L. and Ballou, Jonathan D. Do mothers prefer helpers? Birth sex-ratio adjustment in captive callitrichines, Animal Behaviour, 85 (6) 1295-1302. 2013.

Frankham, Richard, Ballou, Jonathan D., Dudash, Michele R., Eldridge, Mark D. B., Fenster, Charles B., Lacy, Robert C., Mendelson III, Joseph R., Porton, Ingrid J., Ralls, Katherine and Ryder, Oliver A. Implications of different species concepts for conserving biodiversity, Biological Conservation, 153 25-31. 2012.

Lacy, Robert C., Ballou, Jonathan D. and Pollak, John P. PMx: software package for demographic and genetic analysis and management of pedigreed populations, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3 (2) 433-437. 2012.

Ballou, Jonathan D. and Traylor-Holzer, K. "Captive populations and genetic sustainability". In: Gussett, M., Towards Sustainable Population Management, pp. 19-22. 2011.

Frankham, Richard, Ballou, Jonathan D., Eldridge, Mark D. B., Lacy, Robert C., Ralls, Katherine, Dudash, Michele R. and Fenster, Charles B. Predicting the Probability of Outbreeding Depression, Conservation Biology, 25 (3) 465-475. 2011.

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