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Sara Hallager

Biologist / Animal Care Sciences

Research Focus

Sara Hallager is a Biologist in the bird house at the National Zoo. She received her Bachelors degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and has been employed at the National Zoo since 1987. She is Chair of the AZA kori bustard Species Survival Plan and the AZA Ratite Taxon Advisory Group. She serves as the International Studbook Keeper for kori bustards and buff crested bustards and is the North American Studbook Keeper for red-legged seriemas and greater roadrunner. She is Chair of the Avian Scientific Advisory Group. She has over 20 years experience with avian management and husbandry in a zoological setting. Her primary research focus is on the captive management of kori bustards. She has conducted field research on kori bustards in Kenya and Namibia and is currently participating in efforts to reintroduce the red-necked ostrich into Niger, coordinated by the Sahara Conservation Fund. She has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals.

Most Recent Publications

Hanselmann, Rhea, Hallager, Sara, Murray, Suzan and Mazet, Jonna A. K. Causes of morbidity and mortality in captive Kori bustards (Ardeotis kori) in the United States, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 44 (2) 348-363. 2013.

Penfold, Linda M., Hallager, Sara, Boylan, Jeanette, de Wit, Martine, Metrione, Lara C. and Oliva, Marcie. Differences in Fecal Androgen Patterns of Breeding and Nonbreeding Kori Bustards (Ardeotis kori), Zoo Biology, 32 (1) 54-62. 2013.

Miller, Joshua M., Hallager, Sara, Monfort, Steven L., Newby, John, Bishop, Kelley, Tidmus, Scott A., Black, Peter, Houston, Bill, Matthee, Conrad A. and Fleischer, Robert C. Phylogeographic analysis of nuclear and mtDNA supports subspecies designations in the ostrich (Struthio camelus), Conservation Genetics, 12 (2) 423-431. 2011.

Baily, T. and Hallager, Sara. Management of Bustards in Captivity. . 2003.

Boylan, J., Hallager, Sara and Cramm, A. Update on Husbandry Guidelines for Kori Bustards (Ardeotis kori). . 2001.

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