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Priscilla Joyner

SCBI Associate Veterinarian / Department of Conservation Medicine

Most Recent Publications

Rayhel, Laura, Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Joyner, Priscilla, Cray, Carolyn, Lizárraga, César Andrés, Ackerman, Betty and Crowe, Chris. Hematology and biochemistry in captive white-naped cranes (grus vipio), Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 46 (4) 747-754. 2015.

Mendenhall, Ian H., Yaung, Katherine N., Joyner, Priscilla H., Keatts, Lucy, Borthwick, Sophie, Neves, Erica S., San, Sorn, Gilbert, Martin and Smith, Gavin J. D. Detection of a novel astrovirus from a black-naped monarch (Hypothymis azurea) in Cambodia, Virology Journal, 12 (1) 182. 2015.

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