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Pete Marra

Center Head / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

isolating the factors that control population abundance in migratory and resident birds.

Most Recent Publications

Reudink, Matthew W., Van Wilgenburg, Steven L., Steele, Lauren S., Pillar, Andrew G., Marra, Peter P. and McKellar, Ann E. Patterns of migratory connectivity in Vaux's Swifts at a northern migratory roost: A multi-isotope approach, The Condor, 117 (4) 670-682. 2015.

Cohen, Emily B., Auckland, Lisa D., Marra, Peter P. and Hamer, Sarah A. Avian migrants facilitate invasions of Neotropical ticks and tick-borne pathogens into the United States, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, . 2015.

Peele, Ashley M., Marra, Peter M., Sillett, T. S. and Sherry, Thomas W. Combining survey methods to estimate abundance and transience of migratory birds among tropical nonbreeding habitats, The Auk, 132 (4) 926-937. 2015.

Tonra, Christopher M., Sager-Fradkin, Kimberly, Morley, Sarah A., Duda, Jeffrey J. and Marra, Peter P. The rapid return of marine-derived nutrients to a freshwater food web following dam removal, Biological Conservation, 192 130-134. 2015.

Powell, Luke L., Dobbs, Robert C. and Marra, Peter P. Habitat and body condition influence American Redstart foraging behavior during the non-breeding season, Journal of Field Ornithology, 86 (3) 229-237. 2015.

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