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Pete Marra

Center Head / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

isolating the factors that control population abundance in migratory and resident birds.

Most Recent Publications

Bisson, Isabelle-Anne, Ssebide, Benard J. and Marra, Peter P. Early Detection of Emerging Zoonotic Diseases with Animal Morbidity and Mortality Monitoring, Ecohealth, . 2014.

Cohen, Emily B., Hostetler, Jeffrey A., Royle, J. A. and Marra, Peter P. Estimating migratory connectivity of birds when re-encounter probabilities are heterogeneous, Ecology and Evolution, 4 (9) 1659-1670. 2014.

Evans, Brian S., Ryder, Thomas Brandt, Reitsma, Robert, Hurlbert, Allen H. and Marra, Peter P. Characterizing avian survival along a rural-to-urban land use gradient, Ecology, . 2014.

Janousek, William M., Marra, Peter P. and Kilpatrick, A. Marm. Avian roosting behavior influences vector-host interactions for West Nile virus hosts, Parasites & Vectors, 7 399-399. 2014.

Koenig, Walter D. and Marra, Peter P. Russell S. Greenberg, 1953–2013, The Auk, 131 (2) 255-256. 2014.

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