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Pete Marra

Center Head / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

isolating the factors that control population abundance in migratory and resident birds.

Most Recent Publications

Angelier, Frédéric, Vleck, Carol M., Holberton, Rebecca L. and Marra, Peter P. Bill size correlates with telomere length in male American Redstarts, Journal of Ornithology, 1-7. 2015.

Cooper, Nathan W., Sherry, Thomas W. and Marra, Peter P. Experimental reduction of winter food decreases body condition and delays migration in a long-distance migratory bird, Ecology, . 2015.

Loss, Scott R., Loss, Sara S., Will, Tom and Marra, Peter P. Linking place-based citizen science with large-scale conservation research: A case study of bird-building collisions and the role of professional scientists, Biological Conservation, 184 439-445. 2015.

Marini, Kristen L. D., McKellar, Ann E., Ratcliffe, Laurene M., Marra, Peter P. and Reudink, Matthew W. Age-related change in carotenoid-based plumage of the American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla), Journal of Ornithology, . 2015.

Rushing, Clark S., Dudash, Michele R., Studds, Colin E. and Marra, Peter P. Annual variation in long-distance dispersal driven by breeding and non-breeding season climatic conditions in a migratory bird, Ecography, . 2015.

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