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Robert Reitsma

Research Technician / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

habitat selection of wintering neotropical migratory birds and use of neotropical agroforestry systems by resident and migratory birds. Bob's research interests now lie in the impact of urbanization and West Nile virus on mid-Atlantic bird communities.

Most Recent Publications

Ryder, Thomas B., Reitsma, Robert, Evans, Brian and Marra, Peter P. Quantifying avian nest survival along an urbanization gradient using citizen- and scientist-generated data, Ecological Applications, 20 (2) 419-426. 2010.

Dupuis II, A. P., Marra, Peter P., Reitsma, Robert, Jones, M. J., Louie, K. L. and Kramer, L. D. Short report: serologic evidence for West Nile virus transmission, Puerto Rico and Cuba, The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 73 474-476. 2005.

Evans, E., Abrams, E., Roux, K., Salmonsen, L., Reitsma, Robert and Marra, Peter P. The Neighborhood Nestwatch Program: Sense of Place and Science Literacy in a Citizen-based Ecological Research Project, Conservation Biology, 19 589-594. 2004.

Greenberg, Russell S., Gonzales, C. E., Bichier, Peter and Reitsma, Robert. Nonbreeding habitat selection and foraging behavior of the black-throated green warbler complex in Southeastern Mexico, The Condor, 103 31-37. 2001.

Marra, Peter P. and Reitsma, Robert. Neighborhood Nestwatch: Science in the City, Wild Earth, Fall/Winter 28-30. 2001.

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