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Robert Rice

Research Scientist / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

Agroecology and land use policy issues in Latin America and the US, with a focus on agroforestry systems and their linkages, impacts and benefits to the physical and social landscapes.

Most Recent Publications

Boudrot, Audrey, Pico, Jimmy, Merle, Isabelle, Granados, Eduardo, Tixier, Philippe, Vílchez, Sergio, Virginio Filho, Elías,de Melo, Casanoves, Fernando, Tapia, Ana, Allinne, Clémentine, Rice, Robert A. and Avelino, Jacques. Shade Effects on the Dispersal of Airborne Hemileia vastatrix Uredospores, Phytopathology, 106 (6) 572-580. 2016.

Tscharntke, Teja, Milder, Jeffrey C., Schroth, Gö, Clough, Yann, DeClerck, Fabrice, Waldron, Anthony, Rice, Robert and Ghazoul, Jaboury. Conserving biodiversity through certification of tropical agroforestry crops at local and landscape scales, Conservation Letters, 8 (1) 14-23. 2015.

Robertson, Bruce A., Rice, Robert A., Sillett, T. Scott, Ribic, Christine A., Babcock, Bruce A., Landis, Douglas A., Herkert, James R., Fletcher, Robert J., Fontaine, Joseph J., Doran, Patrick J. and Schemske, Douglas W. Are Agrofuels a Conservation Threat or Opportunity for Grassland Birds in the United States?, The Condor, 114 (4) 679-688. 2012.

Robertson, Bruce A., Landis, Douglas A., Sillett, T. Scott, Loomis, Elizabeth R. and Rice, Robert A. Perennial Agroenergy Feedstocks as En Route Habitat for Spring Migratory Birds, BioEnergy Research, 6 (1) 311-320. 2013.

Rice, Robert A. Drinking Green, The Zoogoer, 37 (4) 16-20. 2008.

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