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Robert Fleischer

Center Head / Center for Conservation Genomics

Research Focus

My primary research interests are in the evolutionary and conservation biology of birds and mammals, including studies of the genetic aspects of interactions of pathogens with their vectors and hosts, phylogeography and systematics, and the application of molecular markers to studies of kinship and behavior.

Most Recent Publications

Campana, Michael G., Hawkins, Melissa T. R., Henson, Lauren H., Stewardson, Kristin, Young, Hillary S., Card, Leah R., Lock, Justin, Agwanda, Bernard, Brinkerhoff, Jory, Gaff, Holly D., Helgen, Kristofer M., Maldonado, Jesús E., McShea, William J. and Fleischer, Robert C. Simultaneous identification of host, ectoparasite and pathogen DNA via in-solution capture, Molecular Ecology Resources, . 2016.

Martinsen, Ellen S., McInerney, Nancy, Brightman, Heidi, Ferebee, Ken, Walsh, Tim, McShea, William J., Forrester, Tavis D., Ware, Lisa, Joyner, Priscilla H., Perkins, Susan L., Latch, Emily K., Yabsley, Michael J., Schall, Joseph J. and Fleischer, Robert C. Hidden in plain sight: Cryptic and endemic malaria parasites in North American white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), Science Advances, 2 (2) e1501486. 2016.

Greenberg, Russell, Cammen, Kristina M., Wilson, Amy G., Olsen, Brian J., Ballentine, Barbara, McInerney, Nancy C. and Fleischer, Robert C. Geographic population structure and subspecific boundaries in a tidal marsh sparrow, Conservation Genetics, 17 (3) 603-613. 2016.

Hedrick, Philip W., Hoeck, Paquita E. A., Fleischer, Robert C., Farabaugh, Susan and Masuda, Bryce M. The influence of captive breeding management on founder representation and inbreeding in the ‘Alala, the Hawaiian crow, Conservation Genetics, 17 (2) 369-378. 2016.

Kaiser, Sara A., Danner, J. E., Bergner, Laura and Fleischer, Robert C. Identification and characterization of microsatellite loci in two socially complex old world tropical babblers (Family Timaliidae), BMC Research Notes, 8 (1) 707. 2015.

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