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William McShea

Research Scientist / Conservation Ecology Center

Research Focus

His research involves forest ecology issues on public lands in the eastern U.S. and conservation issues in developing countries. McShea’s international work includes large mammal surveys in protected areas and movements of deer and carnivores relative to resources and human impacts. Locally, he works with private and public landowners to restore native habitats and control invasive plant species, and conducts detailed studies of oak forest ecosystems.

Most Recent Publications

Johnson, Daniel J., Bourg, Norman Alan, Howe, Robert, McShea, William J., Wolf, Amy T. and Clay, Keith. Conspecific negative density-dependent mortality and the structure of temperate forests, Ecology, 95 (9) 2493-2503. 2014.

McShea, William J. "The Qinling Panda Research Project: Its Context and Importance". In: McShea, William J., Harris, Richard B., Garshelis, David and Wang, Dajun, A Chance for Lasting Survival: Ecology and Behavior of Wild Giant Pandas, pp. 1–26. 2014.

Wang, Fang, McShea, William J., Wang, Dajun, Li, Sheng, Zhao, Qing, Wang, Hao and Lu, Zhi. Evaluating Landscape Options for Corridor Restoration between Giant Panda Reserves, PloS One, 9 (8) . 2014.

Zhang, Lu, Liu, Jiazi, Mcshea, William J., Wu, Yonglin, Wang, Dajun and Lü, Zhi. The impact of fencing on the distribution of Przewalski's gazelle, The Journal of Wildlife Management, 78 (2) 255-263. 2014.

Bourg, Norman A., McShea, William J., Thompson, Jonathan R., McGarvey, Jennifer C. and Shen, Xiaoli. Initial census, woody seedling, seed rain, and stand structure data for the SCBI SIGEO Large Forest Dynamics Plot, Ecology, 94 (9) 2111-2112. 2013.

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