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Melissa Songer

Research Scientist / Conservation Ecology Center

Most Recent Publications

Liu, Gang, Xu, Chao-Qun, Cao, Qing, Zimmermann, Waltraut, Songer, Mellisa, Zhao, Sha-Sha, Li, Kai and Hu, De-Fu. Mitochondrial and pedigree analysis in Przewalski's horse populations: implications for genetic management and reintroductions, Mitochondrial DNA, 25 (4) 313-318. 2014.

Liu, Xuehua, Wang, Tiejun, Wang, Ting, Skidmore, Andrew K. and Songer, Melissa. How do two giant panda populations adapt to their habitats in the Qinling and Qionglai Mountains, China, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-11. 2014.

Liu, Xuehua, Wu, Pengfeng, Songer, Melissa, Cai, Qiong, He, Xiangbo, Zhu, Yun and Shao, Xiaoming. Monitoring wildlife abundance and diversity with infra-red camera traps in Guanyinshan Nature Reserve of Shaanxi Province, China, Ecological Indicators, 33 121-128. 2013.

Allendorf, Teri D., Aung, Myint and Songer, Melissa. Using residents' perceptions to improve park-people relationships in Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar, Journal of environmental management, 99 36-43. 2012.

Songer, Melissa, Delion, Melanie, Biggs, Alex and Huang, Qiongyu. Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Giant Panda Habitat, International Journal of Ecology, 2012 1-12. 2012.

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