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Janine Brown

Research Scientist / Center for Species Survival

Research Focus

Dr. Janine Brown has conducted research to better understand the reproductive biology of endangered wildlife for more than 15 years.

Most Recent Publications

Buddhachat, Kittisak, Thitaram, Chatchote, Brown, Janine L., Klinhom, Sarisa, Bansiddhi, Pakkanut, Penchart, Kitichaya, Ouitavon, Kanita, Sriaksorn, Khanittha, Pa-In, Chalermpol, Kanchanasaka, Budsabong, Somgird, Chaleamchat and Nganvongpanit, Korakot. Use of handheld X-ray fluorescence as a non-invasive method to distinguish between Asian and African elephant tusks, Scientific Reports, 6 . 2016.

Brown, Megan E., Converse, Sarah J., Chandler, Jane N., Shafer, Charles, Brown, Janine L., Keefer, Carol L. and Songsasen, Nucharin. Female gonadal hormones and reproductive behaviors as key determinants of successful reproductive output of breeding Whooping Cranes (Grus americana), General and comparative endocrinology, . 2016.

Panyaboriban, Saritvich, Singh, Ram Pratap, Songsasen, Nucharin, Padilla, Luis, Brown, Janine, Reed, Dolores, Techakumphu, Mongkol and Pukazhenthi, Budhan. Reproductive seasonality and sperm cryopreservation in the male tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus), Theriogenology, . 2016.

Fourie, Nicolaas H., Brown, Janine L., Jolly, Clifford J., Phillips-Conroy, Jane, Rogers, Jeffrey and Bernstein, Robin M. Sources of variation in hair cortisol in wild and captive non-human primates, Zoology, . 2016.

Nganvongpanit, Korakot, Buddhachat, Kittisak, Brown, Janine L., Klinhom, Sarisa, Pitakarnnop, Tanita and Mahakkanukrauh, Pasuk. Preliminary Study to Test the Feasibility of Sex Identification of Human (Homo sapiens) Bones Based on Differences in Elemental Profiles Determined by Handheld X-ray Fluorescence, Biological trace element research, . 2016.

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