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Janine Brown

Research Scientist / Center for Species Survival

Research Focus

Dr. Janine Brown has conducted research to better understand the reproductive biology of endangered wildlife for more than 15 years.

Most Recent Publications

Daigle, C. L., Brown, Janine L., Carlstead, K., Pukazhenthi, Budhan, Freeman, E. W. and Snider, R. J. Multi-institutional survey of social, management, husbandry and environmental factors for the SSP African lion Panthera leo population: examining the effects of a breeding moratorium in relation to reproductive success, International Zoo Yearbook, 49 (1) 198-213. 2015.

Edwards, Katie L., Trotter, Jessica, Jones, Martin, Brown, Janine L., Steinmetz, Hanspeter W. and Walker, Susan L. Investigating temporary acyclicity in a captive group of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): relationship between management, adrenal activity and social factors, General and comparative endocrinology, . 2015.

Fourie, Nicolaas H., Jolly, Clifford J., Phillips-Conroy, Jane, Brown, Janine L. and Bernstein, Robin M. Variation of hair cortisol concentrations among wild populations of two baboon species (Papio anubis, P. hamadryas) and a population of their natural hybrids, Primates, 56 (3) 259-272. 2015.

Koester, Diana C., Freeman, Elizabeth W., Brown, Janine L., Wildt, David E., Terrell, Kimberly A., Franklin, Ashley D. and Crosier, Adrienne E. Motile Sperm Output by Male Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) Managed Ex Situ Is Influenced by Public Exposure and Number of Care-Givers, PloS One, 10 (9) . 2015.

Micheletti, Tatiane, Brown, Janine L., Walker, Susan L., Cubas, Zalmir S., Furtado, Priscila V., Putman, Sarah B., de Moraes, Wanderlei, de Oliveira, Marcos J., de Oliveira, Claudio A. and Moreira, Nei. The use of altrenogest to avoid hyperestrogenism after eCG/hCG ovulation induction in southern tigrina (Leopardus guttulus), Theriogenology, 84 (4) 575-582. 2015.

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