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Mary Hagedorn

Research Scientist / Center for Species Survival

Research Focus

Dr. Mary Hagedorn received her Ph.D. in Marine Biology from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and has been a Research Scientist at the Smithsonian Institution for the past 20 years. She has worked in aquatic ecosystems around the world from the Amazon to Africa, has taught many university-level classes, lectures frequently to lay audiences, maintains an active laboratory with graduate students and post docs, and is a successful researcher and active grant writer. In the past years, she has received several multi-million dollar research grants from the National Institutes of Health to support her research and has collaborators in over 30 institutions throughout the US, Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. In 2000, she received the prestigious George E. Burch Fellowship in Theoretic Medicine and Affiliated Theoretic Sciences, in 2005 she was nominated for the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, was nominated for the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, and is a 2012 finalist for the Rolex Award for Enterprise. Dr. Hagedorn has created the first genome repository for endangered coral species in the Caribbean, Hawaii and The Great Barrier Reef and has distributed this germplasm to frozen banks around the world. If necessary, these banks could one day help reseed our oceans.

Most Recent Publications

Hagedorn, Mary and Carter, Virginia L. Seasonal Preservation Success of the Marine Dinoflagellate Coral Symbiont, Symbiodinium sp, PloS One, 10 (9) 1-16. 2015.

Hagedorn, Mary M., Farrell, Ann, Carter, Virginia, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Johnston, Erika, Padilla-GamiƱo, Jacqueline, Gunasekera, Sarath and Paul, Valerie J. Effects of Toxic Compounds in Montipora capitata on Exogenous and Endogenous Zooxanthellae Performance and Fertilization Success, PloS One, 10 (2) 1-17. 2015.

Hagedorn, Mary M., Carter, Virginia, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Phillips, Micaiah, Penfield, Chelsea, Shamenek, Brittany, Vallen, Elizabeth A., Kleinhans, Frederick W., Peterson, Kelly, White, Meghan and Yancey, Paul H. Trehalose is a chemical attractant in the establishment of coral symbiosis, PloS One, 10 (1) . 2015.

Hagedorn, Mary M. and Spindler, Rebecca E. The Reality, Use and Potential for Cryopreservation of Coral Reefs, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 753 317-329. 2014.

Hagedorn, Mary M., Carter, Virgina, Henley, Mike and Spindler, Rebecca. 068 Challenges of creating a frozen repository for coral, Cryobiology, 67 (3) 416-417. 2013.

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