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Budhan Pukazhenthi

Research Scientist / Center for Species Survival

Research Focus

His most significant achievements include (1) demonstrating the link between cellular mechanisms and sperm function, including the phenomenon of teratospermia (the production of malformed sperm common in some species) and (2) understanding the mechanisms that dictate the successful cryopreservation of cells, especially carnivore spermatozoa.

Most Recent Publications

Malo, C., Morrell, J. M., Crichton, E. G., Pukazhenthi, Budhan S. and Skidmore, J. A. Use of colloid single layer centrifugation for dromedary camel semen: Effect of initial dilution and comparison of two colloids on sperm quality parameters, Animal Reproduction Science, 169 123. 2016.

Vansandt, Lindsey M., Livesay, Janelle L., Dickson, Melissa Joy, Li, Lei, Pukazhenthi, Budhan S. and Keefer, Carol L. Conservation of spermatogonial stem cell marker expression in undifferentiated felid spermatogonia, Theriogenology, 86 (4) 1022-1035. 2016.

Panyaboriban, Saritvich, Singh, Ram Pratap, Songsasen, Nucharin, Padilla, Luis, Brown, Janine, Reed, Dolores, Techakumphu, Mongkol and Pukazhenthi, Budhan. Reproductive seasonality and sperm cryopreservation in the male tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus), Theriogenology, 86 (4) 914-923. 2016.

Putman, Sarah B., Brown, Janine L., Franklin, Ashley D., Schneider, Emily C., Boisseau, Nicole P., Asa, Cheryl S. and Pukazhenthi, Budhan S. Characterization of Ovarian Steroid Patterns in Female African Lions (Panthera leo), and the Effects of Contraception on Reproductive Function, PloS One, 10 (10) . 2015.

Jacobs, R. D., Ealy, A. D., Pennington, P. M., Pukazhenthi, Budhan, Warren, L. K., Wagner, A. L., Johnson, A. K., Hess, T. M. and Splan, R. K. 130 Effect of dietary omega-3 supplementation on equine endometrial and embryonic gene expression, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 35 (5) 438-439. 2015.

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