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Joe Kolowski

Graduate/Professional Training Manager / Center for Conservation and Sustainability

Most Recent Publications

Vanthomme, Hadrien, Kolowski, Joseph, Nzamba, Brave S. and Alonso, Alfonso. Hypothesis-driven and field-validated method to prioritize fragmentation mitigation efforts in road projects, Ecological Applications, 25 (7) 2035-2046. 2015.

Gratwicke, Brian, Alonso, Alfonso, Elie, T., Kolowski, J., Lock, J., Rotzel, N., Sevin, J. and Fleischer, Robert C. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis not detected on amphibians for two lowland sites in Gabon, Africa, Herpetological Review, 42 (1) 69-71. 2011.

Gregory, Tremaine, Rueda, Farah Carrasco, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. Arboreal camera trapping: Taking a proven method to new heights, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 5 (5) 443-451. 2014.

Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, F., Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, J. and Alonso, Alfonso. Primates of the Lower Urubamba Region, Peru, with comments on other mammals, Neotropical Primates, 19 (1) 16-23. 2012.

Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, Farah, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph, Costa Faura, Marcel, Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. Methods To Establish Canopy Bridges To Increase Natural Connectivity in Linear Infrastructure Development. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2013.

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