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Jeffrey Hostetler

Postdoctoral Fellow / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

My research interests include quantitative ecology, ecological modeling, population ecology, survival analysis, dynamic programming, avian migration, and occupancy modeling.

Most Recent Publications

Cohen, Emily B., Hostetler, Jeffrey A., Royle, J. A. and Marra, Peter P. Estimating migratory connectivity of birds when re-encounter probabilities are heterogeneous, Ecology and Evolution, 4 (9) 1659-1670. 2014.

McCleery, Robert, Hostetler, Jeffrey A. and Oli, Madan K. Better off in the wild? Evaluating a captive breeding and release program for the recovery of an endangered rodent, Biological Conservation, 169 198-205. 2014.

Hostetler, Jeffrey A., Onorato, David P., Jansen, Deborah and Oli, Madan K. A cat's tale: the impact of genetic restoration on Florida panther population dynamics and persistence, Journal of Animal Ecology, 82 (3) 608-620. 2013.

Karmacharya, Binab, Hostetler, Jeffrey A., Conner, L. M., Morris, Gail and Oli, Madan K. The influence of mammalian predator exclusion, food supplementation, and prescribed fire on survival of Glaucomys volans, Journal of Mammalogy, 94 (3) 672-682. 2013.

McCleery, R., Oli, M. K., Hostetler, J. A., Karmacharya, B., Greene, D., Winchester, C., Gore, J., Sneckenberger, S., Castleberry, S. B. and Mengak, M. T. Are declines of an endangered mammal predation-driven, and can a captive-breeding and release program aid their recovery?, Journal of Zoology, 291 (1) 59-68. 2013.

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