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Tremaine Gregory

Research Scientist / Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability

Research Focus

Tremaine (Tremie) Gregory is a conservation biologist and primate behavioral ecologist. She is currently working on a project in the Peruvian Amazon studying the impact of the construction of a natural gas pipeline on arboreal mammals. Using camera traps in the canopy for monitoring, she and her team are also testing the effectiveness of natural canopy bridges over the pipeline right-of-way in mitigating fragmentation effects. Previously, Tremie engaged in studies in the tropical forests of Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Colombia and performed her graduate work in Suriname. Her master’s thesis explored the niche diversification of two species of Pitheciine monkeys, bearded and white-faced sakis, and her doctoral research focused on the spatial and feeding ecology and male-affiliative social behavior of bearded sakis.

Most Recent Publications

Gregory, Tremaine, Mullett, Amanda and Norconk, Marilyn A. Strategies for navigating large areas: A GIS spatial ecology analysis of the bearded saki monkey, Chiropotes sagulatus, in Suriname, American Journal of Primatology, 76 (6) 586-595. 2014.

Gregory, Tremaine, Rueda, Farah Carrasco, Deichmann, Jessica, Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. Arboreal camera trapping: Taking a proven method to new heights, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 5 (5) 443-451. 2014.

Gregory, Tremaine and Norconk, Marilyn A. Bearded saki socioecology: affiliative male–male interactions in large, free-ranging primate groups in Suriname, Behaviour, 1-41. 2013.

Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, Farah, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph, Costa Faura, Marcel, Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. Methods To Establish Canopy Bridges To Increase Natural Connectivity in Linear Infrastructure Development. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2013.

Gregory, T., Carrasco Rueda, F., Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, J. and Alonso, A. Primates of the Lower Urubamba Region, Peru, with comments on other mammals, Neotropical Primates, 19 (1) 16-23. 2012.

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