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Lisa Korte

Gabon Biodiversity Program Deputy Director / Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability

Most Recent Publications

Vanthomme, Hadrien, Kolowski, Joseph, Korte, Lisa and Alonso, Alfonso. Distribution of a Community of Mammals in Relation to Roads and Other Human Disturbances in Gabon, Central Africa, Conservation Biology, 27 (2) 281-291. 2013.

Anthony, Nicola M., Mickala, Patrick, Abernethy, Katharine A., Atteke, Christiane, Bissiengou, Pulchérie, Bruford, Michael W., Dallmeier, Francisco, Decaëns, Thibaud, Dudu, Akaibe, Freedman, Adam, Gonder, Mary Katherine, Hardy, Olivier, Hart, John, Jeffery, Kathryn, Johnson, Mireille, Pambo, Flore Koumba, Ley, Alexandra, Korte, Lisa, Lahm, Sally A., Lee, Michelle, Lowenstein, Jake H., Mboumba, Jean-François, Ndiade Bourobou, Dyana, Ngomanda, Alfred, Ntie, Stephan, et al. Biodiversity and conservation genetics research in Central Africa: new approaches and avenues for international collaboration, Conservation Genetics Resources, 4 (2) 523-525. 2012.

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