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Amy Scarpignato

GIS/Research Technician / Migratory Bird Center

Research Focus

Amy is interested in GIS and spatial analysis. Currently she is analyzing the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory encounter database of all species banded and recaptured since 1914 to produce an atlas of the migratory connectivity for the birds of North America.

Most Recent Publications

Rushing, Clark S., Ryder, Thomas B., Scarpignato, Amy L., Saracco, James F. and Marra, Peter P. Using demographic attributes from long-term monitoring data to delineate natural population structure, Journal of Applied Ecology, 53 (2) 491-500. 2016.

Marra, Peter P., Culp, Leah, Scarpignato, Amy L. and Cohen, Emily B. Full Annual Cycle Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment For Migratory Birds of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Region. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. 2014.

Scarpignato, Amy L. and George, T. Luke. Space use by Common Ravens in Marbled Murrelet nesting habitat in Northern California, Journal of Field Ornithology, 84 (2) 147-159. 2013.

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