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FONZ Board Call for Nominations

Call for Board Nominations

In accordance with our Bylaws, the Friends of the National Zoo Board of Directors is now soliciting nominations from the membership for the 2019 FONZ Board. The Board plays an essential role in shaping FONZ’s work to help the Zoo and SCBI save species by raising funds to support their mission, providing educational and fun experiences, and inspiring our members and guests. We rely on our members to recommend individuals with the appropriate skills, talents and leadership abilities to guide this work.

Each year our priorities for Board recruitment change based on our Board make-up and organizational goals. For 2019, we are looking for individuals with experience in the local business community to advise on business-to-business engagement strategies and enhance our corporate fundraising capabilities. Please assist us by nominating individuals (or yourself) who you believe would add value to the FONZ Board, and would be interested in contributing to the organization’s success and continued growth. The FONZ Board Governance & Nominating Committee will review all nominations and then put forward a recommended slate on which the full Board of Directors will vote.

The criteria by which potential candidates are considered and judged include:

  • Strong interest in supporting zoological education, research and conservation;
  • Ability to help FONZ and the National Zoo achieve their fundraising objectives;
  • Are current dues-paying members of FONZ, who once elected will need to maintain the Board established giving expectation of a $2,500 ‘give or get’;
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities;
  • Demonstrated experience and/or skills in business that would directly benefit FONZ leadership, the FONZ membership, and the visitors to the National Zoo; and
  • Willingness and ability to commit time, expertise, and enthusiasm to FONZ’s work and Board activities.

Much of the FONZ Board’s work is accomplished by three standing committees (Executive; Finance, Audit, & Investment; and Governance & Nominating) and two strategic committees (Membership, Marketing, & Communications and Partnerships &Engagement). All Board members are expected to serve on committees and attend additional meetings and functions throughout the year.

Nomination Submission Instructions:

To complete this form digitally, please download the form and fill it in via Adobe Acrobat Reader. All questions and nominations should be submitted to Jamie Palumbo by June 15, 2018.  When submitting your completed nomination form, please include a resume or biography.