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All publications for Andy J. Boyce

Shamon, Hila, Boyce, Andy J., Kunkle, Kyran, and McShea, William J. 2022. "Unique utilisation pattern responses of five sympatric ungulates to local phenological gradients." Wildlife Research,
Boyce, Andy J., Shamon, Hila, Kunkel, Kyran E., and McShea, William J. 2021. "Grassland bird diversity and abundance in the presence of native and non-native grazers." Avian Conservation and Ecology, 16, (2).
Shamon, Hila, Paraskevopoulou, Zoe, Kitzes, Justin, Card, Emily, Deichmann, Jessica L., Boyce, Andy J., and McShea, William J. 2021. "Using ecoacoustics metrices to track grassland bird richness across landscape gradients." Ecological Indicators, 120 106928–106928.
Ton, Riccardo, Boyce, Andy J., Mitchell, Adam E., Mouton, James C., Gobbo, Nonno R., Blake, William, and Tobalske, Bret. 2021. "Galliformes exhibit reduced cardiorespiratory morphology yet similar skeletal mass compared with other gamebirds." The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 133, (3) 426–434.
Boyce, Andy J., Mouton, James C., Lloyd, Penn, Wolf, Blair O., and Martin, Thomas E. 2020. "Metabolic rate is negatively linked to adult survival but does not explain latitudinal differences in songbirds." Ecology Letters, 23, (4) 642–652.
Burner, Ryan C., Boyce, Andy J., Bernasconi, David, Styring, Alison R., Shakya, Subir B., Boer, Chandradewana, Rahman, Mustafa Abdul, Martin, Thomas E., and Sheldon, Frederick H. 2020. "Biotic interactions help explain variation in elevational range limits of birds among Bornean mountains." Journal of Biogeography, 47, (3) 760–771.
Card, Emily, Check, Courtney, and Boyce, Andy J. 2020. "Rediscovery of Rajah Scops-Owl (Otus brookii brookii) on the island of Borneo." Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 132, (3) 769.
Jablonski, Daniel, Lawson, Martina, Boyce, Andy J., Molls, Christian, and Das, Indraneil. 2020. "An assessment of vouchered records and field observations of the rare anguid, Dopasia buettikoferi (Lidth de Jeude, 1905) in Borneo." Herpetozoa, 33 59–65.
Boyce, Andy J., Shakya, Subir, Sheldon, Frederick H., Moyle, Robert G., and Martin, Thom E. 2019. "Biotic interactions are the dominant drivers of phylogenetic and functional structure in bird communities along a tropical elevational gradient." The Auk, 136, (4) Article ukz054.
Boyce, Andy J. 2018. "For some tropical birds, home is where the rot is." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 16, (7) 420–420.
Boyce, Andy J. and Martin, Thomas E. 2017. "Contrasting latitudinal patterns of life‐history divergence in two genera of new world thrushes (Turdinae)." Journal of Avian Biology, 48, (4) 581–590.
Martin, Thomas E., Boyce, Andy J., Fierro‐Calderón, Karolina, Mitchell, Adam E., Armstad, Connor E., Mouton, James C., and Bin Soudi, Evertius E. 2017. "Enclosed nests may provide greater thermal than nest predation benefits compared with open nests across latitudes." Functional Ecology, 31, (6) 1231–1240.
Boyce, Andy J., Freeman, Benjamin G., Mitchell, Adam E., and Martin, Thomas E. 2015. "Clutch size declines with elevation in tropical birds." The Auk, 132, (2) 424–432.
Martin, Thomas E., Oteyza, Juan C., Boyce, Andy J., Lloyd, Penn, and Ton, Riccardo. 2015. "Adult Mortality Probability and Nest Predation Rates Explain Parental Effort in Warming Eggs with Consequences for Embryonic Development Time." The American Naturalist, 186, (2) 223–236.
Harris, J. B., Yong, Ding Li, Sheldon, Frederick H., Boyce, Andy J., Eaton, James A., Bernard, Henry, Biun, Alim, Langevin, Angela, Martin, Thomas E., and Wei, Dan. 2012. "Using Diverse Data Sources to Detect Elevational Range Changes of Birds on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo." The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 197–247..