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All publications for Brian Coyle

Comizzoli, Pierre, Pagenkopp Lohan, Katrina M., Muletz-Wolz, Carly, Hassell, James, and Coyle, Brian J. 2021. "The Interconnected Health Initiative: A Smithsonian Framework to Extend One Health Research and Education." Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8.
Sánchez‐Mercado, A., Cardozo‐Urdaneta, A., Moran, L., Ovalle, L., Arvelo, M. Á., Morales‐Campos, J., Coyle, Brian James, Braun, Michael J., and Rodríguez‐Clark, Kathryn M. 2020. "Social network analysis reveals specialized trade in an Endangered songbird." Animal Conservation, 23, (2) 132–144.
Sanchez-Mercado, A., Cardozo-Urdaneta, A., Rodríguez-Clark, Kathryn M., Moran, L., Ovalle, L., Arvelo, M. Angel, Morales-Campos, J., Coyle, Brian J., and Braun, Michael J. 2020. "Illegal wildlife trade networks: finding creative opportunities for conservation intervention in challenging circumstances." Animal Conservation, 23, (2) 151–152.
Rodríguez-Clark, Kathryn M., Davidson, Brian, Kingston, Sarah, Coyle, Brian J., Duchesne, Pierre, and Braun, Michael J. 2018. "Evaluating a potential source of founders for ex situ conservation efforts: genetic differentiation between disjunct populations of the Endangered red siskin Spinus cucullatus." Endangered Species Research, 36 183–196.
Sánchez-Mercado, Ada, Rodríguez-Clark, Kathryn M., Miranda, Jhonathan, Ferrer-Paris, José Rafael, Coyle, Brian, Toro, Samuel, Cardozo-Urdaneta, Arlene, and Braun, Michael J. 2018. "How to deal with ground truthing affected by human-induced habitat change?: Identifying high-quality habitats for the Critically Endangered Red Siskin." Ecology and Evolution, 8, (2) 841–851.
Arvelo, Miguel, Braun, Michael J., Coyle, Brian J., Davis, Sam, Diaz, Zirza, Fink, Jonathan, Lynch, Warren, Hansen, Paula, Marinari, Paul, Miranda, Jonathan, Monfort, Steven L., Ovalle-Moleiro, Leonel, Rodríguez, Jon Paul, Rodríguez-Clark, Kathryn M., Rodríguez-Ferraro, Adriana, Royer, Erica, Sánchez-Mercado, Ada Y., and Sucre, Bibiana. 2017. "The Red Siskin Initiative: Saving an Endangered Finch in Partnership with Aviculturists." In Finches ’17: White Papers from the Sixth International Finch Convention. Brisbane ed. 45–66. Queensland Finch Society, Ltd...
Coyle, Brian J., Braun, Michael J., Rodríguez-Clark, Kathryn M., and Moleiro, Leonel Ovalle. 2013. "Recovering the endangered Red Siskin." Journal of the National Finch and Softbill Society, 30–38..
Coyle, Brian J., Hart, Nathan S., Carleton, Karen L., and Borgia, Gerald. 2012. "Limited variation in visual sensitivity among bowerbird species suggests that there is no link between spectral tuning and variation in display colouration." Journal of Experimental Biology, 215, (7) 1090–1105.
Borgia, Gerald, Coyle, Brian James, and Zwiers, P. B. 2007. "Evolution of Colorful Display." Evolution, 61, (3) 708–712.
Coleman, Seth William, Patricelli, Gail Lisa, Coyle, Brian James, Siani, Jennifer, and Borgia, Gerald. 2007. "Female preferences drive the evolution of mimetic accuracy in male sexual displays." Biology Letters, 3, (5) 463–466.