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All publications for Katie Lajeunesse Connette

Bhagwat, Tejas, Hess, Andrea, Horning, Ned, Khaing, Thiri, Thein, Zaw Min, Aung, Kyaw Moe, Aung, Kyaw Htet, Phyo, Paing, Tun, Ye Lin, Oo, Aung Htat, Neil, Anthony, Thu, Win Myo, Songer, Melissa A., LaJeunesse Connette, Katherine J., Bernd, Asja, Huang, Qiongyu, Connette, Grant, and Leimgruber, Peter. 2017. "Losing a jewel-Rapid declines in Myanmar's intact forests from 2002-2014." PloS One, 12, (5).
Connette, Grant M., Oswald, Patrick, Thura, Myint Kyaw, LaJeunesse Connette, Katherine J., Grindley, Mark E., Songer, Melissa A., Zug, George R., and Mulcahy, Daniel G. 2017. "Rapid forest clearing in a Myanmar proposed national park threatens two newly discovered species of geckos (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus)." PLOS ONE, 12, (4) 1–18.
Prescott, Graham W., Sutherland, William J., Aguirre, Daniel, Baird, Matthew, Bowman, Vicky, Brunner, Jake, Connette, Grant M., Cosier, Martin, Dapice, David, De Alban, Jose Don T., Diment, Alex, Fogerite, Julia, Fox, Jefferson, Hlaing, Win, Htun, Saw, Hurd, Jack, LaJeunesse Connette, Katherine J., Lasmana, Felicia, Lim, Cheng Ling, Lynam, Antony, Maung, Aye Chan, McCarron, Benjamin, McCarthy, John F., McShea, William J., Momberg, Frank et al. 2017. "Political transition and emergent forest-conservation issues in Myanmar." Conservation Biology, 31, (6) 1257–1270.
LaJeunesse Connette, Katherine J., Connette, Grant, Bernd, Asja, Phyo, Paing, Aung, Kyaw Htet, Tun, Ye Lin, Thein, Zaw Min, Horning, Ned, Leimgruber, Peter, and Songer, Melissa A. 2016. "Assessment of Mining Extent and Expansion in Myanmar Based on Freely-Available Satellite Imagery." Remote Sensing, 8, (11) 912.