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All publications for Mary Hagedorn

Bouwmeester, Jessica, Daly, Jonathan, Henley, E. Michael, Parenti, Lynne R., Pitassy, Diane E., and Hagedorn, Mary. 2022. "Conservation of coral reef fishes: a field-hardy method to cryopreserve spermatogonial cells." Coral Reefs,
Daly, Jonathan, Hobbs, Rebecca J., Zuchowicz, Nikolas, O'Brien, Justine K., Bouwmeester, Jessica, Bay, Line, Quigley, Kate, and Hagedorn, Mary. 2022. "Cryopreservation can assist gene flow on the Great Barrier Reef." Coral Reefs, 41 455–462.
Henley, E. Michael, Bouwmeester, Jessica, Jury, Christopher P., Toonen, Robert J., Quinn, Mariko, Lager, Claire V. A., and Hagedorn, Mary. 2022. "Growth and survival among Hawaiian corals outplanted from tanks to an ocean nursery are driven by individual genotype and species differences rather than preconditioning to thermal stress." Peerj, 10.
Henley, E. Michael, Quinn, Mariko, Bouwmeester, Jessica, Daly, Jonathan, Lager, Claire, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Bailey, Daniel W., and Hagedorn, Mary. 2022. "Contrasting reproductive strategies of two Hawaiian Montipora corals." Scientific Reports, 12, (1).
Hobbs, Rebecca J., O'Brien, Justine K., Bay, Line K., Severati, Andrea, Spindler, Rebecca, Henley, E. Michael, Quigley, Kate M., Randall, Carly J., van Oppen, Madeleine J. H., Carter, Virginia, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Hagedorn, Mary, and Daly, Jonathan. 2022. "A decade of coral biobanking science in Australia-transitioning into applied reef restoration." Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.
Rowlison, Tricia, Nagashima, Jennifer, Acker, Jason Paul, Ben, Robert, Daly, Jonathan, Hagedorn, Mary, and Comizzoli, Pierre. 2022. "First Report of Successful Laser Warming for Frozen Gonadal Tissues and Oocytes in the Domestic Cat Model." Biopreservation and Biobanking,
Gallichotte, Emily N., Dobos, Karen M., Ebel, Gregory D., Hagedorn, Mary, Rasgon, Jason L., Richardson, Jason H., Stedman, Timothy T., and Barfield, Jennifer P. 2021. "Towards a method for cryopreservation of mosquito vectors of human pathogens." Cryobiology, 99 1–10.
Hagedorn, Mary M., Lager, Claire V. A., Parenti, Lynne R., and Duffy, J. Emmett. 2021. "MarineGEO Biodiversity Assessment, Ola Ike kai (Life Emanates from the Sea)." Kilo i'a, Waikiki Aquarium Magazine, (215), 8–9..
Hagedorn, Mary, Page, Christopher A., O'Neil, Keri L., Flores, Daisy M., Tichy, Lucas, Conn, Trinity, Chamberland, Valerie F., Lager, Claire, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Lohr, Kathryn, Blackburn, Harvey, Vardi, Tali, Moore, Jennifer, Moore, Tom, Baums, Iliana B., Vermeij, Mark J. A., and Marhaver, Kristen L. 2021. "Assisted gene flow using cryopreserved sperm in critically endangered coral." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118, (38).
Henley, E. Michael, Quinn, Mariko, Bouwmeester, Jessica, Daly, Jonathan, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Lager, Claire, Bailey, Daniel W., and Hagedorn, Mary. 2021. "Reproductive plasticity of Hawaiian Montipora corals following thermal stress." Scientific Reports, 11, (1).
Tsuen, Keanu Rochette-Yu, Lager, Claire, Ross, Michael C., and Hagedorn, Mary. 2021. "Examining the UV-Absorbing Properties of Scaevola taccada (Goodeniaceae) and its Potential Use as a Sunscreen." Pacific Science, 75, (2) 225–236.
Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Daly, Jonathan, Bouwmeester, Jessica, Lager, Claire, Henley, E. Michael, Lendo, C. Isabel Nunez, and Hagedorn, Mary. 2021. "Assessing coral sperm motility." Scientific Reports, 11, (1) 61–61.
Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Daly, Jonathan, Lager, Claire, Williamson, Olivia, and Hagedorn, Mary. 2021. "Freezing on the beach: A robust coral sperm cryopreservation design." Cryobiology, 101 135–139.
Khosla, Kanav, Kangas, Joseph, Liu, Yilin, Zhan, Li, Daly, Jonathan, Hagedorn, Mary, and Bischof, John. 2020. "Cryopreservation and Laser Nanowarming of Zebrafish Embryos Followed by Hatching and Spawning." Advanced Biosystems, Article 2000138.
Lager, Claire V. A., Hagedorn, Mary, Rodgers, Ku'ulei S., and Jokiel, Paul L. 2020. "The impact of short-term exposure to near shore stressors on the early life stages of the reef building coral Montipora capitata." Peerj, 8 e9415–e9415.
Pukazhenthi, Budhan, Songsasen, Nucharin, Brown, Janine, Comizzoli, Pierre, Crosier, Adrienne, Hagedorn, Mary, Gratwicke, Brian, Pitt, William, and Monfort, Steven. 2020. "David E. Wildt-An Inspiring Leader in the Conservation of Wild Species." Journal of Heredity, 111, (4) 414–416.
Randall, Carly J., Speaks, Justin E., Lager, Claire, Hagedorn, Mary, Llewellyn, Lyndon, Pulak, Rock, Thompson, Julia, Bay, Line K., Mead, David, Heyward, Andrew J., and Negri, Andrew P. 2020. "Rapid counting and spectral sorting of live coral larvae using large-particle flow cytometry." Scientific Reports, 10, (1).
Hagedorn, Mary, Spindler, Rebecca, and Daly, Jonathan. 2019. "Cryopreservation as a Tool for Reef Restoration: 2019." In Reproductive Sciences in Animal Conservation. 2nd ed. Comizzoli, Pierre, Brown, Janine L., and Holt, William V., editors. 489–505. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG. In Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 1200.
Khosla, Kanav, Zhan, Li, Bhati, Aditya, Carley-Clopton, Aiden, Hagedorn, Mary, and Bischof, John. 2019. "Characterization of Laser Gold Nanowarming: A Platform for Millimeter-Scale Cryopreservation." Langmuir, 35, (23) 7364–7375.
Daly, Jonathan, Zuchowicz, Nikolas, Nuñez Lendo, C. Isabel, Khosla, Kanav, Lager, Claire, Henley, E. M., Bischof, John, Kleinhans, F. W., Lin, Chiahsin, Peters, Esther C., and Hagedorn, Mary M. 2018. "Successful cryopreservation of coral larvae using vitrification and laser warming." Scientific Reports, 8 15714.