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All publications for Shifra Goldenberg

Goldenberg, Shifra Z., Chege, Stephen M., Mwangi, Nelson, Craig, Ian, Daballen, David, Douglas-Hamilton, Iain, Lamberski, Nadine, Lenaipa, Moses, Lendira, Reuben, Lesowapir, Colman, Lokooria, Lekilia P., Mutinda, Mathew, Omengo, Fred, Rowe, Katie, Stacy-Dawes, Jenna, Wittemyer, George, and Owen, Megan A. 2022. "Social integration of translocated wildlife: a case study of rehabilitated and released elephant calves in northern Kenya." Mammalian Biology,
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Goldenberg, Shifra Z., Cryan, Paul M., Gorresen, P. Marcos, and Fingersh, Lee Jay. 2021. [Dataset] Behavioral patterns of bats at a wind turbine events. Distributed by Dryad.
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