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Small Mammal House News Archive

Agouti, a small furry mammal
Jul. 14, 2015
Yesterday shortly after 7 p.m., a male agouti escaped from his outdoor enclosure behind the Small Mammal House at the Smithsonian's National Zoo. Agoutis are large beautiful rodents about the size of... read more
May. 20, 2015
This keeper update was written by Kenton Kerns.
tamandua looking in log
Mar. 30, 2015
What is a tamandua? An arboreal anteater! Biologist Kenton Kerns shares the scoop on the Zoo's new female, Cayenne, in the latest Q&A. Check her out on exhibit in the Small Mammal House.
Sep. 12, 2014
Last week saw a perfect example of how the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute saves species: Staff released black-footed ferrets—once feared to be extinct—into the wild prairie on a ranch... read more
Apr. 01, 2014
Camera traps are scientists’ eyes in the wild–and SCBI scientist Tremaine Gregory has been looking up.
Jan. 08, 2014
Five adult female degus just arrived at the Small Mammal House. During their entrance exams, we discovered a surprise?one was pregnant! After she gave birth in quarantine, we now have an active group... read more
Aug. 25, 2013
How is this work different from work done in domestic horses?