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Amazonia News Archive

Craig Saffoe, Don Neiffer and Francisco Dallmeier at Machu Picchu
Jul. 01, 2016
Smithsonian's National Zoo scientists are all over the globe and, most recently, at the peaks of Machu Picchu, Peru!
Nov. 11, 2015
The Andean Bear exhibit is celebrating two very special birthdays on November 10 and 11: Mayni and Muniri are turning one year old! In the latest Keeper Q&A Sarah Colandrea reveals plans for a... read more
andean bear cub plays, is hanging off branch
Apr. 28, 2015
Our rambunctious 5-month-old Andean bear cub brothers Mayni and Muniri are on exhibit and on the move! Curator Craig Saffoe gives an update on the cubs in the latest Q & A.
Andean bear mother and cub look together
Mar. 31, 2015
Curious about Andean bear cubs Muniri and Mayni?
Mar. 26, 2015
May 10, 2015 Watch Wild Inside the National Zoo: Episode 10: Curious Cubs for awesome footage of Mayni and Muniri playing.
Aug. 02, 2010
As frogs around the world continue to disappear—many killed by a rapidly spreading disease called chytridiomycosis, which attacks the skin cells of amphibians—one critically endangered species has... read more