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Vote to Name the Cheetah Cubs

On April 8, the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute welcomed a litter of four chirping cheetah cubs — three boys and one girl. People all across the world have tuned in to the live Cheetah Cub Cam to see the cubs as they grow more mobile and playful by the day. On May 22, 2020, the Zoo asked for the public's help to name the cubs. After five days of voting and more than 30,000 votes, the winning names are:

  • Amabala (female)| Zulu for "spots"
  • Jabari (male) | Swahili for "fearless" or "brave one"
  • Hasani (male) | Swahili for "handsome"
  • Erindi (male) | Protected reserve in Namibia where many cheetahs are rereleased

Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute gratefully acknowledges MARS, Incorporated for its support. 

Final Vote Tally

Jabari (male)
20% (6023 votes)
Hasani (male)
16% (5035 votes)
Erindi (male)
14% (4231 votes)
Amabala (female)
13% (3839 votes)
Phoenix (male)
11% (3234 votes)
Iambe (female)
10% (3102 votes)
Tolbo (male)
9% (2874 votes)
Vivace (female)
7% (2197 votes)
Total votes: 30535

Meet the cheetah cubs

Get a closer look at the cubs in this video of their first veterinary exam! 

Learn more about each name:

The winning names have an asterisk.

  • Iambe (female) | One of the two daughters of the mountain nymph, Echo, in Greek mythology
  • Vivace (female) | A musical term meaning short, lively, brisk
  • *Amabala (female)| Zulu for "spots"
  • *Jabari (male) | Swahili for "fearless" or "brave one"
  • *Hasani (male) | Swahili for "handsome"
  • Tolbo (male) | Mongolian for "spot"
  • Phoenix (male) | A mythical bird associated with the sun that regenerates or is otherwise born again from its own ashes
  • *Erindi (male) | Protected reserve in Namibia where many cheetahs are rereleased

Cheetah Cub Cam

The Cheetah Cub Cam streams live from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia.

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A 6-month-old cheetah cub lays in the grass with four black Kong toys spread out in the grass in front of them.
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