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All publications for Adam Miller

Serra-Diaz, Josep, Maxwell, Charles, Lucash, Melissa S., Scheller, Robert M., Laflower, Danelle M., Miller, Adam D., Tepley, Alan J., Epstein, Howard E., Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina and Thompson, Jonathan R. 2018. Disequilibrium of fire-prone forests sets the stage for a rapid decline in conifer dominance during the 21st century. Scientific Reports, 6749.
Liao, Jinbao, Ying, Zhixia, Woolnough, Daelyn A., Miller, Adam D., Li, Zhenqing and Nijs, Ivan. 2016. Coexistence of species with different dispersal across landscapes: a critical role of spatial correlation in disturbance. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.
Miller, Adam D., Dietze, Michael C., DeLucia, Evan H. and Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina J. 2016. Alteration of forest succession and carbon cycling under elevated CO2. Global Change Biology, 351-363.
Teller, Brittany J., Miller, Adam D. and Shea, Katriona. 2015. Conservation of passively dispersed organisms in the context of habitat degradation and destruction. Journal of Applied Ecology, 514-521.
Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina J., Miller, Adam D., Mohan, Jacqueline E., Hudiburg, Tara W., Duval, Benjamin D. and DeLucia, Evan H. 2013. Altered dynamics of forest recovery under a changing climate. Global Change Biology, 2001-2021.