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All publications for Autumn Lynn Harrison

Ng, Janet, Knight, Elly, Scarpignato, Amy, Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Bayne, Erin M. and Marra, Peter P. 2018. First full annual cycle tracking of a declining aerial insectivorous bird, the Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor), identifies migration routes, non breeding habitat, and breeding site fidelity. Canadian journal of zoology.
Ogburn, Matthew B., Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Whoriskey, Frederick G., Cooke, Steven J., Flemming, Mills, E, Joanna and Torres, Leigh G. 2017. Addressing Challenges in the Application of Animal Movement Ecology to Aquatic Conservation and Management. Frontiers in Marine Science.
Poli, Caroline L., Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Vallarino, Adriana, Gerard, Patrick D. and Jodice, Patrick G. R. 2017. Dynamic oceanography determines fine scale foraging behavior of Masked Boobies in the Gulf of Mexico. PLOS ONE.
O'Bryan, C. J., Homyack, J. A., Baldwin, R. F., Kanno, Y. and Harrison, A. -L. 2016. Novel habitat use supports population maintenance in a reconfigured landscape. Ecosphere.
Scarpignato, Amy L., Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Newstead, David J., Niles, Lawrence J., Porter, Ronald R., van, den Tillaart and Marra, Peter P. 2016. Field-testing a new miniaturized GPS-Argos satellite transmitter (3.5 g) on migratory shorebirds. Wader Study.
Block, B. A., Jonsen, I. D., Jorgensen, S. J., Winship, A. J., Shaffer, S. A., Bograd, S. J., Hazen, E. L., Foley, D. G., Breed, G. A., Harrison, A. -L, Ganong, J. E., Swithenbank, A., Castleton, M., Dewar, H., Mate, B. R., Shillinger, G. L., Schaefer, K. M., Benson, S. R., Weise, M. J., Henry, R. W. and Costa, D. P. 2011. Tracking apex marine predator movements in a dynamic ocean. Nature, 86-90.
Costa, Daniel P., Robinson, Patrick W., Arnould, John P. Y., Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Simmons, Samantha E., Hassrick, Jason L., Hoskins, Andrew J., Kirkman, Stephen P., Oosthuizen, Herman, Villegas-Amtmann, Stella and Crocker, Daniel E. 2010. Accuracy of ARGOS Locations of Pinnipeds at-Sea Estimated Using Fastloc GPS. PLoS ONE.
Harrison, Autumn-Lynn. 2006. Who's Who in Conservation Biology?an Authorship Analysis. Conservation Biology, 652-657.
Harrison, Autumn-Lynn and Bjorndal, Karen A. 2006. Connectivity and wide-ranging species in the ocean. , 213-232.
Berkson, Jim and Harrison, Autumn-Lynn. 2001. An Integrative Capstone Course for the Conservation Biology Curriculum. Conservation Biology, 1461-1463.
Harrison, Autumn-Lynn, Reneau, Raymond B. and Hagedorn, Charles. 1999. Wastewater Renovation with Mine-Derived Fill Materials. , 163-178.