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All publications for Hadrien Vanthomme

Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A., Alonso, Alfonso, Tobi, Elie, Rolegha, Carole Liliane, Hita Garcia, Francisco, Mikissa, Jean Bruno and Alonso, Leeanne E. 2017. Associations of ant species to land cover types and human disturbance in south-west Gabon. African Journal of Ecology, 352-364.
Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A., Tobi, Elie, Todd, Angelique F., Korte, Lisa and Alonso, Alfonso. 2017. Antipoaching standards in onshore hydrocarbon concessions drawn from a Central African case study. Conservation Biology, 696-706.
Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A., Kolowski, Joseph, Nzamba, Brave S. and Alonso, Alfonso. 2015. Hypothesis-driven and field-validated method to prioritize fragmentation mitigation efforts in road projects. Ecological Applications, 2035-2046.
Alonso, Alfonso, Dallmeier, Francisco, Korte, Lisa and Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A. 2014. The Gabon Biodiversity Program: A Conservation Research Collaboration. Africa Today, 3-15.
Bahaa-el-din, L., Henschel, P., Aba'a, R., Abernethy, K., Bohm, T., Bout, N., Coad, L., Head, J., Inoue, E., Lahm, S., Lee, M. E., Maisels, F., Rabanal, L., Starkey, M., Taylor, G., Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A., Nakashima, Y. and Hunter, L. 2013. Notes on the distribution and status of small carnivores in Gabon. Small Carnivore Conservation, 19-29.
Vanthomme, Hadrien P. A., Kolowski, Joseph, Korte, Lisa and Alonso, Alfonso. 2013. Distribution of a Community of Mammals in Relation to Roads and Other Human Disturbances in Gabon, Central Africa. Conservation Biology, 281-291.
Anthony, Nicola M., Mickala, Patrick, Abernethy, Katharine A., Atteke, Christiane, Bissiengou, Pulchérie, Bruford, Michael W., Dallmeier, Francisco, Decaëns, Thibaud, Dudu, Akaibe, Freedman, Adam, Gonder, Mary Katherine, Hardy, Olivier, Hart, John, Jeffery, Kathryn, Johnson, Mireille, Pambo, Flore Koumba, Ley, Alexandra, Korte, Lisa, Lahm, Sally A., Lee, Michelle, Lowenstein, Jake H., Mboumba, Jean-François, Ndiade Bourobou, Dyana, Ngomanda, Alfred, Ntie, Stephan, et al. 2012. Biodiversity and conservation genetics research in Central Africa: new approaches and avenues for international collaboration. Conservation Genetics Resources, 523-525.