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All papers for Justin M. Calabrese

Tucker, Marlee A., Böhning-Gaese, Katrin, Fagan, William F., Fryxell, John M., Van Moorter, Bram, Alberts, Susan C., Ali, Abdullahi H., Allen, Andrew M., Attias, Nina, Avgar, Tal, Bartlam-Brooks, Hattie, Bayarbaatar, Buuveibaatar, Belant, Jerrold L., Bertassoni, Alessandra, Beyer, Dean, Bidner, Laura, van Beest, Floris M., Blake, Stephen, Blaum, Niels, Bracis, Chloe, Brown, Danielle, de Bruyn, P. J. Nico, Cagnacci, Francesca, Calabrese, Justin M., Camilo-Alves, Constan, et al. 2018. Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements. Science (New York, N.Y.), 466-469.
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Martinez-Garcia, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M. and Lopez, Cristobal. 2017. Online games: a novel approach to explore how partial information influences human random searches. Scientific Reports.
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Péron, Guillaume, Fleming, Christen H., Duriez, Olivier, Fluhr, Julie, Itty, Christian, Lambertucci, Sergio, Safi, Kamran, Shepard, Emily L. C. and Calabrese, Justin M. 2017. The energy landscape predicts flight height and wind turbine collision hazard in three species of large soaring raptor. Journal of Applied Ecology, 1895-1906.
Bewick, Sharon, Agusto, Folashade, Calabrese, Justin M., Muturi, Ephantus J. and Fagan, William F. 2016. Epidemiology of La Crosse Virus Emergence, Appalachia Region, United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 1921-1929.
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Fleming, Chris H., Fagan, William F., Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A., Leimgruber, Peter and Calabrese, Justin M. 2016. Estimating where and how animals travel: An optimal framework for path reconstruction from autocorrelated tracking data. Ecology, 576-582.
Morato, Ronaldo G., Stabach, Jared A., Fleming, Chris H., Calabrese, Justin M., De Paula, Rogério C., Ferraz, Ká, Kantek, Daniel L. Z., Miyazaki, Selma S., Pereira, Thadeu D. C., Araujo, Gediendson R., Paviolo, Agustin, De Angelo, Carlos, Di Bitetti, Mario S., Cruz, Paula, Lima, Fernando, Cullen, Laury, Sana, Denis A., Ramalho, Emiliano E., Carvalho, Marina M., Soares, Fá, Zimbres, Barbara, Silva, Marina X., Moraes, Marcela D. F., Vogliotti, Alexandre, May, Joares A., et al. 2016. Space Use and Movement of a Neotropical Top Predator: The Endangered Jaguar. PloS One, 1-17.
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Fleming, Chris H., Subasi, Yigit and Calabrese, Justin M. 2015. Maximum-entropy description of animal movement. Physical Review E.
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Batsaikhan, Nyamsuren, Buuveibaatar, Bayarbaatar, Chimed, Bazaar, Enkhtuya, Oidov, Galbrakh, Davaa, Ganbaatar, Oyunsaikhan, Lkhagvasuren, Badamjav, Nandintsetseg, Dejid, Berger, Joel, Calabrese, Justin M., Edwards, Ann E., Fagan, William F., Fuller, Todd K., Heiner, Michael, Ito, Takehiko Y., Kaczensky, Petra, Leimgruber, Peter, Lushchekina, Anna, Milner-Gulland, E., Mueller, Thomas, Murray, Martyn G., Olson, Kirk A., Reading, Richard, Schaller, George B., Stubbe, Annagret, et al. 2014. Conserving the World's Finest Grassland Amidst Ambitious National Development. Conservation Biology, 1736-1739.
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Fleming, Chris H., Calabrese, Justin M., Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A., Leimgruber, Peter and Fagan, William F. 2014. From Fine-Scale Foraging to Home Ranges: A Semivariance Approach to Identifying Movement Modes across Spatiotemporal Scales. American Naturalist, E154-E167.
Fleming, Christian H., Calabrese, Justin M., Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A., Leimgruber, Peter and Fagan, William F. 2014. Non-Markovian maximum likelihood estimation of autocorrelated movement processes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 462-472.
Lynch, Heather J., Rhainds, Marc, Calabrese, Justin M., Cantrell, Stephen, Cosner, Chris and Fagan, William F. 2014. How climate extremes - not means - define a species' geographic range boundary via a demographic tipping point. Ecological Monographs, 131-149.
Martínez-García, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M. and López, Cristóbal. 2014. Optimal search in interacting populations: Gaussian jumps versus Lévy flights. Physical Review E.
Martínez-García, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M., Hernández-García, Emilio and López, Cristóbal. 2014. Minimal mechanisms for vegetation patterns in semiarid regions. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences.
Larsen, Elise, Calabrese, Justin M., Rhainds, Marc and Fagan, William F. 2013. How protandry and protogyny affect female mating failure: a spatial population model. Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata, 130-140.
Martínez-García, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M. and López, Cristóbal. 2013. Spatial patterns in mesic savannas: The local facilitation limit and the role of demographic stochasticity. Journal of theoretical biology, 156-165.
Martínez-García, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M., Hernández-García, Emilio and López, Cristóbal. 2013. Vegetation pattern formation in semiarid systems without facilitative mechanisms. Geophysical Research Letters, 6143-6147.
Martinez-Garcia, Ricardo, Calabrese, Justin M., Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A. and Lopez, Cristobal. 2013. Optimizing the Search for Resources by Sharing Information: Mongolian Gazelles as a Case Study. Physical Review Letters.
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Mueller, Thomas, Olson, Kirk A., Dressler, Gunnar, Leimgruber, Peter, Fuller, Todd K., Nicolson, Craig, Novaro, Andres J., Bolgeri, Maria J., Wattles, David, DeStefano, Stephen, Calabrese, Justin M. and Fagan, William F. 2011. How landscape dynamics link individual-to population-level movement patterns: a multispecies comparison of ungulate relocation data. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 683-694.
Schmidt, Tatjana, Calabrese, Justin M., Grodzycki, Mario, Paulick, Marleen, Pearce, Michael C., Rau, Franziska and von Borell, Eberhard. 2011. Impact of single-sex and mixed-sex group housing of boars vaccinated against GnRF or physically castrated on body lesions, feeding behaviour and weight gain. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 42-52.
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Meyer, Katrin M., Schiffers, Katja, Münkemüller, Tamara, Schädler, Martin, Calabrese, Justin M., Basset, Alberto, Breulmann, Marc, Duquesne, Sabine, Hidding, Bert, Huth, Andreas, Schöb, Christian and van, de Voorde,Tess F. J. 2010. Predicting population and community dynamics: The type of aggregation matters. Basic and Applied Ecology, 563-571.